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Sunday, February 15, 2009


My new book is now available! "Majoring in Music - All the Stuff You Need to Know" is published by Meredith Music Publications and distributed by the Hal Leonard Corporation, the world's largest music distributor. The official release date is March 1, but it is available now at Amazon, Tower, Borders, Barnes and Noble, and Target for pre-sale, most with a deep discount. (I also see it's for sale by some Japanese book sellers!)

The book is divided into three main sections: The Academic Stuff, The Musical Stuff, and the The Life Stuff. In those sections are subheadings dealing with advising, time management, studying, practicing, music theory, music history, aural skills, positive attitude, health, roommates, and many other similar items that are of importance to the ultimate success of a music major. Each of these includes tips and strategies for improvement.

I was very fortunate to get some wonderful quotes from leading university music educators and administrators that are found on the back cover of the book. Here are parts of the quotes:

"Rich Holly's guide is direct, succinct, and to the point; a must read for both prospective or current music students and those who support them (parents and others). "

" invaluable guide for all prospective and matriculating music students...covers every important aspect of their college lives in an informal, enjoyable, direct and perceptive manner."

"...terrific suggestions will help young aspiring musicians. My own 17-year old son is contemplating a music career, and it will become required reading for him."

"...written with the compassion of a caring advisor (and parent), with wit and real-life anecdotes, Holly presents invaluable lessons and wisdom...."

"...provides a wealth of knowledge for any student who wishes to pursue a degree in music...."

Many thanks go out to the several readers I had and to my research assistant, Kerry O'Brien, and to my family for allowing me the time to write and edit. If you know anyone who is considering majoring in music, or has already made the decision to do that, this book is meant for them.