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Thursday, January 01, 2009


Yesterday was the official end of my time as an officer of the Percussive Arts Society. I spent 2 years each as Vice President, President-elect, President, and Immediate Past President, and it's hard to believe the eight years went by this quickly. These were eight, not just great, but fantastic years of teamwork that helped raise the Society to the next level. I'm indebted to the other officers with whom I worked during this time: Bob Breithaupt, Jim Campbell, Mark Ford, Michael Balter, Kristen Shiner McGuire, Gary Cook, Steve Houghton, John R. Beck, Lisa Rogers, and Steve Beck. In particular I want to thank Michael Kenyon, the Executive Director of PAS, for his partnership, support, guidance and friendship.

I'm especially pleased we were able to move the PAS headquarters, museum and library to Indianapolis during my presidency. Already we are seeing positive results of that move that would not have been possible without the move, and I'm excited about the upcoming opening of our permanent space in downtown Indy, which should be completed summer 2009. We're working with an amazing architect (who designed several of Epcot Center's pavilions) and the space will be tremendous when completed.

Thanks, too, to the many PAS members with whom I've corresponded the past eight years, for your support and encouragement. And I really appreciate the many, many friends I've gained the world over through my work with PAS.

Starting today Steve Houghton is the new PAS President, and I know PAS is in good hands. As a Past President, I am a member of the Board of Directors for life (no rest for the wicked!), so I greatly look forward to staying involved.

Happy New Year, everyone!