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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Another Sad Loss

Readers of this page will remember that my father passed away in July. This past weekend, my mother passed away at the age of 83.

She suffered for several years from a disease known as pulmonary fibrosis, and ultimately she contracted pneumonia which, when combined with her pulmonary fibrosis, made it impossible for her to breathe.

I started playing drums around the age of 6. I would come home from school and play for a good 2-3 hours before dinner, which was always at 6:30 when my father came home from work. I was raised in a small Cape Cod style home on Long Island, NY, and my mother would be cleaning the house and then cooking dinner while I was playing drums in the basement, almost directly underneath her. She never complained about the volume and on the rare day when I wasn't playing drums she would ask "Aren't you going to play your drums today?"

She was supportive of all my endeavors. So, for all your awesome support, for taking me to my lessons and for putting up with thousands of hours of loud drumming, I love you, Ma, and I'll miss you dearly.