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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Off to Indy

I'm leaving this afternoon for Indianapolis, for 3 days of meetings with the Percussive Arts Society Executive Committee (the officers of the Society). Although we hold conference phone calls 1-2 times a month throughout the year, by far I believe we get out best work done when we're all sitting around a table discussing items face-to-face, which we only get to do 3 times a year. It's a great group of people.

Just about every time I mention to someone that I'm going to Indianapolis (and I go there about 3-4 times a year), they say something about there not being much there. In my opinion, Indianapolis has really grown up in the past 10-15 years. There is a great deal of world-class culture, several professional sports teams, and many, many good or even great restaurants. No, I'm not getting paid to say anything nice about Indy! But I do really appreciate what the city has been and is continuing to do to make it a really vibrant place.