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Friday, January 12, 2007

Great Fun

Last weekend the PAS Executive Committee met for four days, and we accomplished a great deal. There are MANY terrific things on the horizon for PAS. We'll be moving to temporary office space in Indianapolis in early April, and we should have our permanent office, museum and library space built out and ready to move into one year after that. There are many programs we'll be engaging in, too, so the future is very, very bright for PAS and percussion awareness and education.

While in Indy, we were lucky enough to see the Indianapolis Symphony perform. They are an excellent orchestra. After hearing the Chicago Symphony Orchestra on a regular basis for nearly 25 years, I was not sure what to expect. But the ISO is terrific, it was a real joy to hear them perform live.

We also were able to go to the Indianapolis Colts' playoff game against the Kansas City Chiefs. It was fantastic! The Colts looked great on both offense and defense. If they can play the way they played last weekend throughout the playoffs, they will be very hard to beat. Of course, I'm a Chicago Bears' fan, but I also just love the game, so it was easy to cheer for the Colts. Now we have to get the Bears to dispense with Seattle this coming Sunday and all will be looking good!